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My first assignment for digital design was to create a movie poster incorporating the skills we had learned in class. I’ve always loved movies that tap into a sort of evil sci-fi side. Through researching images I found an intense photo of a low angle view of a city. I thought about ways I could include a sort of figure into this image to distinguish power. I found an image that did exactly that and use the deep edge tool to incorporate this into the image. I was happy with how it looked but knew it needed something else. My passion for photography led me to look through recent images I have taken. I found a photo of the ocean taken at a level view and realised this would look great as an asset in my movie poster. I imagined it sort of displaying a flood and terror over the city giving a small exclusive look into what the movie could include. The very poster excites me about this movie and honestly, I wish that it would exist! I had lots of fun with this assignment and noticed playing around with colour effects on photoshop improved the overall quality and tension as a whole.

Untitled-1.psd 5



This poster was a whole lot of fun! I wanted to make a poster that communicated all the key words that outline the Fuze card! Using the skills I learnt including the mesh tools, I thought it would be great to have these words warped inside letters to fill the shape.This turned out great but I then came to the problem that my background was not created itself. My background included the tech lines that show a visual of digital so I decided to make them myself using circles, squares and lines. The end product has a sort of edgy, retro vibe that I think could target a younger audience to use the card.



These logos were an advancement of my simple logo, I incorporated effects onto each shape to allow them to be more metallic and also used my digital shapes from my typography to decorate them. The whole aim was to allow the logo to speak the new digital age and how tech-savvy the card is. The future is digital and so is the Fuze card!. I played around with the colour to not only find two colours that match but also allow them to suit different ages from teens to seniors. I’ve also included my brief about the positive qualities of the Fuze card.

pictorial coloured logos v2



I wanted to create a logo that expressed the meanings of tech savvy, efficient, quick and friendly. The simple lines provide a visual of the swipe movement of the card that is used at the register. The curved lines relate to the free choice of where the card can be used. A multitude of colours completes the logo making it visually pleasing and gives an environmentally friendly feel in my opinion.

simple logo



In my copywriting class, we were given a brief to create an ad that only has 0-4 word in it to advertise a fly trap. I was very excited about this as making something that is visual can draw people a lot easier in my opinion than just words. First, I Thought about why people would need a fly trap and of course its to get rid of flys. I then thought about ways that flys are annoying: being on your face, food and a bit of a weird one…(Toothbrush) These all plant a gross factor into peoples mind that will make them want to buy a fly trap to stop these occurrences from happening. I know I wouldn’t want a fly on my toothbrush. Originally I had an extra photo in a grid of 4 but my copywriting teacher suggests I have three photos aligned with each other while also having the number of fly’s increase. I used the fly in the first photo and incorporated it into the rest of the photos to keep this visual the same.




This assignment was ‘copy only’ which is a bit tricky. Looking at other flight centre ads I noticed they focus image around discounts and interest-free promotions. I wanted to do something a little more creative so I wrote a bunch of lines down that would make people want to travel. I also incorporated other languages to give that sense of culture. I decided to combine the copy into a visual image of a plane by gathering the sentences together! This turned out even better than I thought!. With just the brand down the bottom and the main headline to catch attention, I believe it’s a simple approach to make people really think about their travel goals.




This campaign was made over multiple platforms including traditional, facebook and snap chat. This is my traditional media which I would imagine being on a billboard or magazine. The aim of this campaign was to come up with an idea for a given slogan: ‘when image is everything’. I thought about the way humans are perceived in work and sometimes discriminated for what they look like when being hired. I then decided to choose a popular brand that hires lots of people to promote that they are against this, using the slogan as a flipped idea. This poster incorporates the main colours of Subway with a snippet of a job enquire survey.  I used shapes to infuse a red line across this snippet to show subway disagrees with these questions. The aim of this campaign is for the audience to be left questioning the world ‘s qualities and also realise subway isn’t just a food company but also believe in equal opportunities.

CAMPAIGN SUBWAY traditional media


To make a beer poster, the aim was to make a fun, slightly comedic poster while also tapping into the traditional side. Pandas are an animal that everyone loves and also represent Japan, so I decided to blend both panda and beer together. Hence a panda relaxing with a beer creates a visual image that everyone will love! The slogan “When bamboo just isn’t enough” is also used as a metaphor to signify that other beers just aren’t good enough! The text coming from a pandas point of view shows a lighter look into it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 5.44.57 pm